Royal Junglee Maans (Rajasthani Junglee Mutton)

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So now that the winter chills our bones in North India, I can safely indulge in my major culinary love i.e. red meat with strong spices and strong flavors 🙂 !! This one recipe comes from a favorite Indian state of Rajasthan. Being largely a desert, Rajasthan’s menu is splurged with strong red chilies and salt. How do you expect the gypsies in the desert state to make a good dish without spices ???? Well you have to feast them to believe them. The combination of a few strong spices dole out such lip smacking dishes that are unbelievable. You can almost call it the mutton piri piri – the gypsy version ! This is so removed from the regular lunch table Mutton Curry Sunshine which I make for the family and shared earlier.

This one is a true gypsy delicacy called Junglee Maans. Cook on and feast on !! Weak palates to avoid please 😀


….need to know (food details)

  • Number of people served : 2 extremely quite and slurpy guests (they wont open their mouths to speak while they gobble this, I promise 😉 ).
  • Preparation time : 60 minutes to marinate and 45 minutes of cooking.
  • Serving size : You will have to control them after a bowl each.

….and we need (ingredients)

  • Mutton (Both goat and lamb would do) 500 grams approx. : Healthiest curry is prepared with mutton. It builds bones and is abundant in calcium.
  • Salt, 3/4th teaspoon : Use the coarse rock salt for authenticity and it’s minerals.
  • Lemon juice, 1 teaspoon or from 1 average sized lemon : Sour and acidic, with a good amount of citric acid, we add lemon here not just to enhance the sour essence but also to use it’s hydrating and digestive qualities.
  • Turmeric Powder, 1/2 teaspoon : Turmeric gives a great orange color and a mild bitter taste to the pickle here. It is a wonderful antioxidant and anti inflammatory. I grow them in tubs in my backyard. They test your patience coming up, but they are amazingly pretty as a plant.
  • Coriander Powder : Coriander provides the garnish to the dish and takes off any unwanted smell. Coriander is also a great digestive and also aids in the digestive and blood system of our body. The sweet coriander is one of the most popular garnish across fat cooked dishes. I pluck the whole plant from my garden since roots give the best flavor in the coriander plant.
  • Dried Red Chilies : This seems to be the staple spice of Rajasthan. Wherever I could see, large patches of land in Jodhpur, Bikaner etc. were all covered with dried red chilies like large red ponds.
  • Red Chili powder : Red chili powder has a sharper, earthier essence then the fresh green ones. It is a good source of Vitamin C, A and E hence beneficial for skin and hair.
  • Ghee (saturated fats), 2 tablespoon : Unlike popular belief, ghee actually helps in weight loss. It is also a great soluble of most vegetables and strengthens bones doing so. We use ghee here for cooking for its great buttery essence.
  • Mustard oil, 1 tablespoon : This just brings out the bitter pungency beautifully.
  • Garlic, 6 cloves : The King Pungent. Pungency is the reason why we use this allicin rich clove which combats sickness and common cold.
  • Coriander, fresh plucked & chopped 5 to 6 twigs : It’s easy to garnish with a bunchfull freshly harvested from the backyard. 

….time to cook ‘n roll (preparing instructions)

  • Wash clean the tender mutton pieces and rub them with salt, turmeric powder, red chili powder and 1 tablespoon mustard oil and keep aside for an hour to flavor well. This mix itself will give out a bitter pungent essence.
  • Now heat the ghee in a skillet till it melts.
  • To this add the coriander powder, the chopped garlic and the dried red chilies and fry for a minute. Do remember to keep your exhaust fan on full speed else your whole household will be coughing mad and swearing at you while this is being done  🙂
  • Add the marinated mutton and and salt to the skillet and fry the same for about 5 minutes.
  • To this add 3 cups of water and cook covered on medium to low heat for 45 minutes.
  • Garnish with coriander chopped and serve steaming hot.

Storage : A week, if you can manage to keep it without cleaning the bowl off in a single sitting.

Missing Something ? : Let it be. Keep it as simple as original.


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