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Healthy Living , Healthy Menu & Terrace / Balcony Garden

..developing a healthy body with great cooking ideas & organic gardening at home

“I am not tired till I stop wanting more !!”

The best line to describe my prime theme here is, “If you eat well you dream happy; if you dream happy you’ll have a beautiful garden”. My home gardening experience stretches for over 30 practical years. One thing I’ve learnt is that the gardeners get scared easily after long works, since home gardening is no one’s profession but his, since it’s not his passion but certainly your’s. This blog site is here to share my adventures and learning from experimenting, failing, succeeding and perfecting efficient workovers in my kitchen and home garden.

I’m coming from a legacy, where droves of friends would run up and down the yard landscape, admiring the whisking flora, harvesting home veggies & using them for fritters while the wolf pack would engage in backyard games. Passions since then became pepper in a pot of broth. While you go through this blog site, enjoy the most primitive of humanity’s pre-occupation. These are the things that most hope to do after one’s done everything else in life. I intend to shortcut your journey & imbibe this bliss in your lifestyle today.

I absolutely love these amazing quotes about urban gardening:

“All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they made them so” – Joseph Joubert

“Most are offended when handed dirt & dung. Only the gardener knows what to do with it”

The positive impact of urban gardening – “Wake fresh, breathe in purity, do away with the electric purifiers & start your day with absolute bliss, carrying an amazing aura to work for the day”- The G-man, MCMH Original

My writings here will take you towards an efficient, simple yet ample landscaping ideas through individually focused flora propagation season wise. Will share as many original snaps of my home garden as possible.

Urban gardening has certainly come a distance from home gardening, balcony garden, terrace garden, kitchen garden to more specific vegetable garden, herb garden, flower garden, raised bed garden, container garden, box garden and organic gardening. We’ll talk about all of these.

Now flip the coin and let’s talk about the kitchen aspect—

“Good food is like a painting. If you are not spending enough time over it, it hasn’t been done well enough” – The G-man, MCMH Original

“Green or Red; Meat or Bread; you’ll enjoy the ride, if you use your head” The G-man, MCMH Original

Too good right! Well here’s another one –

“A chef with a paunch builds a lot of confidence in his customers” – The G-man, MCMH Original, or

“I lost some weight once, but I found it again in the kitchen”. Can go on with these amazing & funny cooking quotes

A pleasurable aspect in home making is cookery. Weird is its nature because you are in a bliss when your own creation is devoured with closed eyes and elongated mmmm’s. Lot of my childhood was spent in suburbs bereft of food franchisees and that’s why the best kitchen creativity was inspired. Delicacies from street food like Dahi Bhalla, Papri Chaat, Gol Gappas, Tikkis, Samosas & Bhelpuris to bengali bests like Fried Fish, Jhaalmurhi etc., from Dhokla, Pav Bhaji, Gatta Karhi of Rajasthan, Maharashtra & Gujarat to Dosas, Idlis, Vadas, Sambhar, Coconut Chutney of south India with culmination into Punjabi pop items like Chana Bhatura, Rajma Chawal etc. our kitchen was a busy creative diverse studio. I recall that the entire household would be in a fragrant trance when it was the Mutton Curry luncheon day. And if I wouldn’t mention the various sweets like Coconut Burfi, Besan ke Laddu, Til Papri etc. etc. I just wouldn’t have written enough.

Faced with a tenacious energy filled bunch of kids obvious questions shoot if mind like how to prepare, what’ll be the tasty recipes, can there really be a quick and yummy recipe. Cooking ideas flare !!

You know what’s typical about cooking, You believe you can’t do it, unless you actually end up doing it in 20 mins, and once you are triggered, then its pure love of gastronomy” – The G-man, MCMH Original

“Fixtures matter not, a kitchen is as good as the food that is cooked in it” – The G-man, MCMH Original


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    1. Hey ! thanx for recalling. This concept is absolutely awesome. will save so much frustration if we can peep into the future look of the garden. serious gardners would realize that planning is so important. thanx a tonne for sharing. i’ll spread it around in my circle 😀

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