Urban Radical Homemaker :

..from learning the basic homemaking skills to perfecting the art of homemaking

Making would most likely be reflected as creating, shaping, originating or generating whatever suits your prevalence. So home makers would logically be the ones who make, create, shape a household. So, what is ‘homemaking‘ / what is the definition of a homemaker, the Oxford defines ‘homemaker’ as “a person, especially a woman, who manages a home”.

I feel that’s quite too literally put. So what we actually seek in homemaker is flashes like who is a good homemaker, characteristics of a good homemaker, qualities of a homemaker or simply  a modern homemaker. I’m sure all of us would feel the real essence of home making is captured by more appropriate abstracts like ownership, creativity, management of diversity, growth despite conflicts, crisis management and team/family prosperity; all of it being gender bereft please.

“True it is if you say that all do not have a flair for home making, false it is I would stake if any of us can do without it” : The G-man, MCMH original

Denying it would be like saying, “Life is a highway but I don’t like my SUV”. Flip the coin and you’ll see people whom you give what they want and they’ll always believe in you.

Simply put, home making is the most essential job that practically supports the entire social fabric. The bottom-line, “If you are creative more than 15% of your time you are not a workman, you are an artist”, and home makers are practically the most talented breed amongst our society.

Do go on to enjoy some fine tips of home making creativity that I have nurtured through the oldest passions of metro-humanity, cooking and urban gardening and share your adventures regarding the same too. Click On !!

37 thoughts on “MCMH Home

  1. Vishal Gupta

    Thanks Gaurav for sharing such practical and good idea to connect ourself with us. we appreciate that a small step towards organic kitchen farming can connect us with nature…

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  2. Thanks so much for following my blog; I just followed yours as well! You have a very interesting writing style. Since we’ve just moved to the American South East, I have hopes to create an herb garden in my screen porch. It seems the herbs are very tempermental! Only a few have survived this season. Also, I’ve found that with the humidity here, I can easily kill them with overwatering. As just as easy when I don’t. Go Figure?
    I’m not willing to dig up my lawn, but we do have some border areas I plan to cultivate next season. Anyway; I’m hoping you have some suggestions?
    Thanks Again, Karen

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    1. You may write to me anytime for suggestions for your herb garden. Underwater kills just 3% of the plants, its over watering which kills most. Herbs are such sweet citizens of your garden that they can survive with minimum efforts and minimum space. most can grow in containers. Oh heavens ! I’ve grown lots of veggies in cardboard cartons of amazon delivery too 🙂


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